In a world where more is not always better we cut through the haze to focus on delivering results and maximize the return on energy. We assess each project based on the needs and desires of the stakeholders then apply the best possible team to the project.
Functional Medicine – The newest trend in achieving optimal health and wellness is using the principles of functional medicine. Functional medicine is applied by medical doctors, dieticians, nutritionists and osteopaths. Specialist training is given through organisations like the institute of functional medicine term functional medicine, is about finding out the root cause of disease and symptoms which people experience. Once identified, practitioners remove and correct these imbalances and clients regain the health and vitality. Functional medicine evaluation involves consultations, quick-testing, lifestyle change supplementation, detoxification and cleansing.
Nutrition – Food is medicine. More evidence is now accumulating that the way we approach how we source, prepare and cook our foods will have the biggest impact on health. Nutrition also entails an understanding of our ability to absorb the foods appropriately, so functional medicine analysis of nutrient intake provides a complete picture of nutrition. Customising food plans according to health conditions is the future of nutrition and is being adopted by 5 star wellness resorts across the region. Ranging from keto/low carb to heart protective and cleansing diets the choices are ready to applied to the needs of the hotel/ resort.
Sports Science – Optimsing athletic ability requires fine-tuning, careful monitoring and customisation according to the age, genetics and specific goals of the clients in question. Utilising assessments tools like HRV, blood analysis, nutrition assessments, functional movement screening, (agility, mobility, strength and flexibility) can all be used to determine optimal output and recovery.


If you are looking to expand your offering into the wellness space we assist you in formulating a compelling offering to meet the demands of not only the market but to boost your bottom line. We have formulated a high tech low touch approach as well as utilizing practitioners to introduce products and services to your business.


We offer a full range of consulting, development, recruitment, training and management for spas. If you’re an existing day spa trying to expand your services or an established brand looking to expand your services we can help.


We offer an extensive range of training options from single treatments to full menus of services.


Bring 50+ years of operational experience to your business will ensure a quicker return of investment as well as avoiding many of the pitfalls of a start-up business. We offer a competitive pricing structure to run your business as a management company as well as offer uinique solutions on a case by case basis.